• 01.“Hard” technology (Visible)
  • Equipments determines the productivity
  • lack understanding in the importance of process engineering
  • production above quality/process optimization
  • 02.Paradigm shift by CnsPPT
  • 03."Soft" technology (Invisible)
  • Operation “art” determines the productivity
  • Process technology is the key to the best quality products
  • Able to design the products
  • Ouracadmic research culture has been emphasizing on the number of publications so far. Therefore, a lot of researchers in the processing field had left to other fields. Because of this biased environment, Universities no longer produce highly educated, trained processing engineers and thus industries suffer from serious shortage of process engineers. As a result, industry-university joint efforts to develop this area have been diminishing and the investment from the government for this field was discontinued. This viscous cycle broke down the supply chain of highly trained processing engineers, although there exist high demands in the processing technology and the relevant personnel from the industry.
  • Korea is world 4th largest plastics producing country with profit of more than 20 million dollars per year. However, due to the aforementioned reasons, our industry is struggling with the technological competences, threatened bythe emerging enterprises from the neighboring countries such as China, India and others
At the initial stage of the technology development, people look at the process technology as ‘hardware technology’ which is visible tools such as equipments. However, successful processing lies in understanding the material itself and the mechanism to process the materials. Therefore, as the technology matures, people focus on the invisible parts behind the equipment operation. People try to optimize the process by modifying the tools, operation processes and even the materials. CnsPPT is attempting to induce this paradigm shift
Our influence
  • Before CnsPPT
  • Biased approach: ‘hard’ tech oriented
  • lack onsite technology
  • lack network/training/education
  • After CnsPPT
  • Holistic approach: Soft + Hard tech
  • onsite technology oriented
  • encouragenetwork/training/education
  • 01.What we do
  • Create technologies :
    New equipments, New products
  • Technical services :
    Processing instruments, Simulation, Technical consulting, Projects
  • Education :
    Seminars, Symposiums, Short courses, Newletters
  • Manpower :
    Student recruiting, Networking w/ domestic, overseas professionals.
  • 02. Equipments
  • Two stage tandum extrusion line, Tractable roll film casting line, Microlayer duplication extrusion film casting line, Multilayer extrusion film casting line, High speed electric injection-compression molder, Rotary table tiebarless piggy back hydraulic multi-component molding machine, Multi-component injection molder, IM CAE S/W (Sigma), Thermal processing (T-SIM), Feed block type multilayer extrusion system, Microcompounder/extruder, dry stress tester, rheometers, etc
Our network