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CnsPPT (Center for nano-structured Polymer Processing Technology) is the first and the biggest nation-leading institute aiming to promote polymer processing technology in Korea. This young and dynamic center was newly founded in 2012 after continuous and audacious effort of numerous professionals from all over the nation. CnsPPT’s primary concern is to foster medium-small sized enterprises engaged in plastics processing business by helping them with their immediate technical issues. Also, CnsPPT is focused on creating novel technologies by sharing resources of participating organizations, leveraging ideas and establishing vibrant, innovative environment.
CnsPPT's greatest asset is its outstanding pool of professionals, together with excellent connection with industry and research institutes. CnsPPT holds over 20 professionals from academia and government affiliated research labs. Most professionals registered in CnsPPT are generally well equipped with years of experience in solving practical industrial problems as well as in-depth knowledge in chemical processes. Furthermore, CnsPPT is striving to ensure that participating members benefit from our resources.
Currently, about 25 companies, of which number keeps on growing, are registered as members of CnsPPT. Those companies registered as our members are ready to benefit from us by tapping expertise of our professionals, utilizing advanced facilities and experimenting new ideas to create novel technologies.
CnsPPT is divided into five axes, namely, Injection Moulding, Extrusion and Rubber Technology, Coating and Printing, Nanomaterials, Dispersion and Mixing. These five specialized axes are not independent working groups but rather interconnected and integrated structure that are ready for any types of collaboration to multiply their knowledge and hence to make CnsPPT more versatile and resourceful. In addition to these efforts, we are open to discussion with external professionals from other areas, to enrich our technical competence and to create state-of-the-art fusion technologies together.
Director Kyung Hyun Ahn